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Paralysis after a meeting with a UFO

Contact with an unidentified flying object can be a disaster. On April 23, 1976, dozens of residents of the Brazilian municipality of Kishada noticed a mysterious object in the night sky. It was a huge disk that flew noiselessly over the sky, emitting a bright light. It was also seen by the participants of night maneuvers at the range of the military base of Tiro de Guerra.
Fateful encounter
The farm of Luis Barroso Fernandez was a few kilometers from Kishada. Louis lived in the city, twenty kilometers from the farm, but from time to time he came to inspect his possessions and give assignments to the workers.
Instead of the car, Luis preferred to ride a two-wheeled wagon.The mule who knew the way well took the owner himself to the farm and home.
Suffering from an unknown disease Luis Barroso Fernandez at a meeting with the ufologist
On the day in question, Luis drove back around two o'clock in the morning. Suddenly he heard a sound like the buzzing of a swarm of bees coming from somewhere above.
The farmer looked up and was stunned: just above his head hung a huge disk. The frightened mule jumped aside. A bright ray of light hit the disk, paralyzing the animal and rider. The object landed on the road 30 meters from the wagon.
"The glow emanating from the disc began to wane, and I saw in front of me something that looked like a huge wheel from a tractor or a shell of a tortoise of aluminum," Louis told ufologist Reginaldo Atide. - It opened a small door, and from there came two creatures. They were like ordinary people, but less tall and in strange clothes. In their hands they held something similar to flashlights. One of them shone in my face, and I lost consciousness.
When Louis came to, he was still in the wagon, but the landscape around was different. Now the farmer was only three kilometers from Kishada. Maybe the mule continued to follow the usual route. Maybe the UFO carried the wagon itself.

The unfortunate rider was shaking, he felt dizzy and nauseous. Luis's eyes burned, as if they were peppered in them, his head cracked with pain. The left part of his body flushed, his hands were barely moving. Fortunately, another belated traveler appeared on the road, the shepherd Joao Francisco. He helped Louis to get home.

Mysterious disease
Once at home, Louis asked his wife to call a doctor. Antonio Moreira Magalaez, one of the best doctors, could not diagnose. Meanwhile, Louis was getting worse. The body began to swell, eyes bulging, like a frog.
The mule did not touch the food for several days and shied away from any sounds.
The two strange creatures Luis Barroso saw
Dr. Magallaeus did not believe in Luis's story about the meeting with the aliens, but soon a 23-year-old student of Francis Rosetta da Silva entered the hospital . Together with his 12-year-old brother Antonio Leidou da Silva, she walked in the woods in the morning, after the events described.
Suddenly, from behind the trees, a ray of light hit the girl in the face. After a few moments the beam went out, and the girl felt so weak that, leaning on Antonio's shoulder, she hardly reached home and fell unconscious. Symptoms of Francisca's disease were the same as those of Louis, but in a lighter form. Soon she completely recovered.
In the meantime, Louis was dying before his eyes. The 53-year-old man turned gray and lost his memory in a couple of days. When Magalais once again visited the patient, Louis did not recognize the doctor.
Doctors decided to send Louis to the state capital, so he passed an additional examination. In the accompanying sheet, Antonio Magalais wrote: "The patient has experienced close contact with a UFO."
Luis was examined by 17 doctors, but no one could explain the strange symptoms. Two weeks later, Louis returned to Kishad, advising him to take a good rest.
Louis did not recognize relatives and friends, forgot how to read and write. In his dictionary there were three words, like a one-year-old baby: "Mom", "Give" and "Scary." The last word he uttered when the camera flashed in the hand of the Moscow reporter. Dr. Magalais had no doubt that his patient had experienced a terrible trauma associated with light. Soon he stopped moving.
"It's something incredible," said Dr. Magalhaes. - Not only the brain returned to the infantile state. There were changes in the skin. She became thin, smooth and without a single wrinkle, like a young man. Although Louis lies in bed without movement, his muscles are in tonus. He has excellent health, except for the failed head. We shot his encephalogram, but there is no pathology. He has no paralysis, no sclerosis and no stroke. If you change the position of his limbs, Louis will slowly bring them back. So, he is able to move, but he does not make any movements because of a malfunction in the brain.
Louis lay without traffic for 17 years. He died in 1993 - apparently, just from old age. The farm and store in Kisha de inherited one of the sons of Louis Francisco Leonardo Barroso.
- Father, for the present he could speak, kept repeating: "They had to hide in the forest. Under the roots of the tree, they would not have found me, "he said. - I believe him, because I myself saw a UFO when I was riding a motorbike on the same road. The object gave off a very bright light. I had to slow down and turn around so that the light did not blind me.
UFOologist Reginaldo Atide learned too late about the death of Luis. He insisted on exhuming the body, but Francisco did not agree to disturb the ashes of his father for the sake of the curiosity of the capital's researchers.
Eternal paralysis
Another Brazilian was a little more fortunate. Jose Dos Santos kept his sanity, but a meeting with a UFO chained him to a wheelchair. 22-year-old Jose lived on a farm near the coastal city of Carnaubinha. He was the only son of a widowed mother and took over all the work on the au pair. Dos Santos never went to school - not before it was.The young man himself learned to read and write.
On a warm May evening, Jose went to church to work. Deciding to cut the road, the guy crossed the field and was about to climb over a low hedge.
"I was almost on the wrong side when a ray of yellow-green light struck my neck," Jose Alenkar told Jose. - The beam came from an object hanging about ten meters above the ground. In diameter, it was about two meters. There was a hole in the bottom of the UFO, and lights were on the body, but I did not have time to count them. I fell and tried to crawl into the bushes, but I could not move. Five seconds later the object flew toward the ocean.
Dos Santos lay near the fence for three days. No one was looking for him: his mother left for a few days in the state capital, and neighbors thought that his son went with her. Jose was lying in the mud, devoured by mosquitoes, but could not drive away the bloodsuckers. Then there were flies attracted by the smell - the intestines and bladder of the unfortunate also got out of control.Lucky for him only one thing: Jose lay in the shade of bushes and avoided a sunstroke.
"I was scared, but I did not feel any pain," recalled Dos Santos. - Only hunger and thirst were tormented. I did not sleep even at night.
Jose was found on the fourth day. Dos Santos thanked his saviors: he could speak, though with great difficulty.Neighbors took care of the guy before the return of his mother, but the doctor did not call for more money than anyone had. The doctor was at the bedside of the boyfriend only a few weeks later, when it became clear that Jose was getting worse.
As in the case of Luis, medicine soon came to a standstill. Dos Santos was chained to a wheelchair.
"I only dream of one thing," he said eight years later. "I want the aliens to come back and heal me." Except them, there is nobody.
Hunting people
Ufologist Jacques Valle came to Brazil in 1988 to study the cases of UFO aggression. He met with eyewitnesses, interviewed doctors and policemen, copied dozens of official documents. Conclusions, to which the famous researcher came, frighten and puzzle.
- UFO rays lead to disorders of the nervous system and in some cases to death. At the same time, glowing rays are not an effective weapon. From them you can hide in the forest or under the edge of the shore. Sometimes UFOs tried for hours to "grope" people who were hiding from them. A sniper with a night vision sight could have shot them in a matter of minutes, and for the aliens they remained inaccessible. More often than not, the victims of the rays emitted by the UFO were the hunters. The objects adhered to tactics used by hunters themselves in tracking down animals.
UFOs are not attacked in order to kill or injure people. This task can be performed much more efficiently even with primitive weapons. Their activity should be viewed not as a direct hostility, but as a task, and its performers do not care about our feelings and health.
Such activity can be compared with the work of zoologists shooting wild animals with darts and sleeping pills. To animals, their actions will seem to be aggression, although scientists act out of good motives, trying to minimize harm. An unsuccessful shot can also be fatal. Some animals kill zoologists in the interests of science ...
The aggressiveness of a UFO grows in direct proportion to the distance from cities. Those who walk at night in the countryside without covering trees, risk to remain alone with unknown hunters.

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