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Former NASA and NATO staff told about hiding information about aliens

Former NASA and NATO staff told about what methods the agency uses to hide the existence of aliens, according to the portal Collective Evolution .

Engineer-mechanic Dr. Bergan said that NASA specifically obscures the photos of the moon, so that the public could not see anything suspicious on them. Once he analyzed a picture of this planet and saw strange objects on it.When he reported this to his colleague, he was embarrassed and said that he thought they had sufficiently darkened the lens so that nothing could be seen.
Dr. Brian O'Leary
Dr. O'Leary , who studied Mars and was present at the creation of the famous "face on Mars", said that the photo was edited to blur the outlines of the "face" and make it look like a natural phenomenon, rather than an artificially created object.
"Face" on Mars, a photo of 1976 and modern with supposedly intentionally blurred features
NATO major retired majorist Bob Dean said that the government destroyed 40 video clips with the personnel of the Apollo program, within which a manned landing on the moon took place.
The lost video captured the flight itself, landing on the Earth's satellite and moving people on the surface of the planet. The reason for the destruction of the filming was that they were considered socially and politically unacceptable.

Bob Dean 2009 year Barcelona
Donna Hare , who worked for NASA, claims that astronauts regularly encounter UFOs in space, but they can not tell the public about it, because they receive threats from the government.
In the meantime, ufologists say that the governments of the countries of the Earth have opened up a hunt for them. In recent times , cases of conspiracy deaths under suspicious circumstances have become more frequent .

Back in June 2016, the Metro newspaper reported that ufologists, ghost hunters and other researchers of paranormal phenomena from different countries were sounding the alarm. In their opinion, the authorities began to systematically destroy those who want to know more than others. This summer, under strange circumstances, at least two fans of the "dark side of reality" were killed.

Indian ghost hunter Gaurav Tiwari was found dead at home under mysterious circumstances. Literally a few days after this tragedy, a Polish citizen, Max Spears , was killed, who, according to some reports, participated in a secret government program to develop a super soldier. The cause of the death of Spiers is still unknown, but his supporters do not doubt that the Pole was liquidated by the authorities.
"I was not familiar with Max, but one person who worked closely with the government told me that in his case being killed is the best compliment." The death of Spiers means that he performed his work so qualitatively that it became dangerous for the authorities, - said the author of the blog Expolotics, dedicated to all sorts of riddles of the universe.
The author of the manual for UFO researchers, Nigel Watson, claims that his hunters always hunted.
"In the 1960s, at least 137 researchers of everything that had to do with the aliens were found dead under mysterious circumstances," the writer said.
Watson gives other confirmation of his theory. In particular, he does not exclude that US President John F. Kennedy could "get rid" because he got too close to the solution of the origin of the aliens.

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