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Tiny Mummified Body of Headless Humanoid with Lizard-like Skin Discovered at Site in Nazca, Peru

Wait…what? Tiny, with three toes and fingers and a skin like a lizard? This newly uncovered mummy will never be allowed inside history books.

As if a great deal of people weren’t already reluctant about Maria – the three-fingered/toed mummy discovered in the Nazca region of Peru. Now, a new release from Gaia that challenges all historical norms is spreading across the internet like wildfire.
A peculiar body of a tiny humanoid creature was found at the same site where the previous body was unearthed. It has a distinct anatomy when compared to the larger mummified body, or to other humans.
Head to toes, the bizarre creature measures about 1’11” (60 cm) tall, that if it came with a head. Only 11 vertebrae in the spine, unlike 24 possessed by humans, and the arms and legs lack the complexity of regular human limbs.
Although it’s different anatomically than the larger mummified counterpart, they share the same three fingers/toes feature, which adds to the assumption of the two being in a way related.

This second body came without a head, which allowed researchers to collect samples of bone and other organic material in order to reach a relevant conclusion regarding its nature.

X-rays scans exposed a puzzling bone structure: simple, yet different than of other known species.
Probably the most shocking characteristic is the scaly, lizard-like skin covering the body beneath the white residue.
The powder covering the skin was determined to be a mix of plants specific to the Nazca region with the purpose of preserving the body of the deceased for prolonged periods of time. This mummification technique is unique, because the internal organs are kept intact, unlike the rest of the practices where organs have to be removed to prevent the body from decaying.
This tiny headless mummy dubbed ‘Victoria,’ if proven to be authentic, will challenge the conventional belief that humans are the only evolved species on this planet. It will also credit the folktales heard inside Native American tribes about ‘The Little People’ and their miraculous deeds.
The Cherookee have vivid memories of these little fellows. They are deemed as a race of spirits living inside remote, rocky caves on the mountain side. They are of both genders, well-proportioned, with long hair and ‘reaching almost to your knee‘.
The little people have a great affinity for music, and are often heard drumming, singing and dancing. Despite their peaceful nature, they dislike it when they are disturbed during their rituals. The Cherokee are familiar with cases where the ‘little ones’ have thrown spells on curious souls, dazzling them for half a day.
Some of these little humanoids are depicted as white-skinned, black and even with a golden tone alike Cherokees. They sometimes speak in the common dialect, but otherwise they chat in their own ‘Indian language‘.
These ‘little people’ are spread in three categories: The Rock People, The Laureal People, and the Dogwood People, all three having their particularities.
The Dogwood People are the most benevolent. They respect and take care of the tribes, and often leave goodhearted lessons for the members of the tribe.
The Laurel People are playful and wicked. They enjoy casting spells on people, but are also humorous and enjoy spreading the joy to others. When children are found laughing in their sleep, it’s often interpreted as the Laurel People’s work.
The Rock People are mean and vengeful. If disturbed, they will do their best to get even with the wrongdoer. They are usually hostile when someone trespasses their territory. They are also regarded as child kidnappers.

Pedro, the Mountain Mummy, unearthed in 1932 from San Pedro Mountains of Wyoming – looking familiar?

When the Cherokee hear them at night, they lock themselves indoors and await for the ‘little ones’ to depart. In the morning, they venture outside and discover the corn fields cleared, as if a hoard of working men have gone through it.
The Cherokee fear and respect these mythical creatures that now seem to be part of our reality also. Stories have something alien-ish to them when viewed from a Western point of view.
These accounts only consolidate the idea of tiny humanoids with otherworldly capabilities that seems to have inhabited different regions of the planet.
Besides North and South America, traces of such creatures were found in Europe within the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni, Malta. The subterranean site housed hundreds of skeletons of tiny humanoids with elongated skulls and other uncanny features. This unusual discovery was quickly suppressed by the powers of those times.
This time around, an independent group of journalists leading an unbiased team of researchers have made it first to the Nazca site and were quick to make this information available worldwide.
The nature of the mummified bodies unearthed there is very challenging to the established institutions, and proving its authenticity will boast the assumption that we’re not the only evolved species around.
Some doubts remain in this case, but fingers crossed that it will turn out in our favor. The truth has been concealed for too long, time has come for the world to know and adapt.

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