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The Correlation Theory: four ancient structures connected with the Orion Constellation

The Orion constellation is recurrent in monuments throughout the traditional world and that we have clues that long-lost civilizations could have had contact with travelers from this cluster of stars.

Astronomers typically sit down with it as M42 and it's virtually a stellar nursery. The Orion Constellation is one amongst the foremost outstanding star formations within the night sky and has been revered by ancient cultures round the globe for thousands of years.

The ancient Egyptians believed that from binary star and Orion came beings within the style of humans Osiris and Isis and instigated the humanity.

The ancient Egyptians were terribly clear that Orion was coupled with creation, specifically magic creation. Metaphorically, it much matches what we all know from uranology. we all know that we have a tendency to square measure the merchandise of stars, we’re virtually product of stars.

Sirius and Orion square measure critically necessary as a result of they represent Isis and Osiris, the god and deity from that all of Egyptian civilization and, ultimately, all of human civilization, purportedly sprang.


According to the pyramid texts a group of spiritual records inscribed into the walls of pyramids geological dating back to 2400 B.C. the traditional Egyptian Pharaoh Unas dominated for thirty years before creating his final voyage to the star system Orion.

Could the Pharaoh Unas even have traveled into space? If therefore, how?

Many say that the aim of the good Pyramid wasn't as a spot, however rather as a kind of a female internal reproductive organ of transformation. The Pharaoh would enter into it as a person, and thru the method of the technology that the pyramid is made for, the Pharaoh is remodeled into a god, so currently he's Associate in Nursing ascended being United Nations agency is capable of traveling into the celebrities, and additionally returning.

Is it attainable that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were able to travel back and forth to the celebrities of Orion by victimization the pyramids? consistent with ancient traveler theorists, the proof may be found by examining Associate in Nursing elaborate series of air shafts embedded inside the good Pyramid, air shafts that time on to the celebrities of Orion and binary star.

There is undoubtedly plenty of scientific knowledge that has shown that the pyramid and therefore the entire city highland, the alignments of the air shafts and therefore the king’s and therefore the queen’s chamber, square measure all inform to Orion.


In a desolate plain within the japanese region of the Sahara Desert, lies the mysterious archaeologic web site called Nabta Playa.
Discovered by a team of scientists in 1974, researchers believe the memorial stones scattered here were once a part of an enormous and sophisticated ritual center for Associate in Nursing ancient civilization that thrived from 6400 to 3400 B.C., simply before the increase of the Egyptians.

The builders of Nabta Playa appear to bear in mind of tier of physics and understandings of arithmetic that they interline into these structures that clearly say they possessed some advanced data of the constellations.

Engineer Robert Bauval and uranologist Thomas Brophy have studied the configuration of this mysterious monument for quite 10 years. In their book Black Genesis, they recommend the stone circle may be a star-viewing diagram that aligns with the belt stars of Orion at the June 21.


Just thirty five miles northeast of national capital lie the ruins of Teotihuacán. Researchers believe the spectacular structures here together with 2 massive pyramids and a temple were engineered by the Mayans within the second century B.C., and just like the Egyptian pyramids of city, the monuments purpose on to the 3 stars of Orion’s Belt.


Another wonderful web site that incorporates a direct affiliation to the Orion constellation is found in northeastern Arizona. Here the Native yank Hopi tribe has referred to as these peaks of the Colorado Plateau home for quite one,000 years.

The Hopi migrated everywhere the Southwest and once a series of building villages and abandoning them, they came to those 3 primary mesas in Northern Arizona.They decision them 1st, second and third mesas.

The Hopi mesas form Orion’s Belt image and it's aforementioned that the Hopi specifically came here thanks to the form, therefore we all know as expected that the Hopi were extraordinarily fascinated by Orion’s Belt and for them his was the middle of their universe.

They have aforementioned it's an area wherever they will build contact with the gods and consistent with some researchers, not solely do the 3 mesas represent the celebrities in Orion’s Belt, however once connected to different Hopi landmarks throughout the Southwest, the collective sites map the complete body of the Orion constellation.

Giza. Teotihuacán. Nabta Playa. Black Mesa. might these ancient monuments, all aligned to the celebrities of Orion, extremely be coupled to every different, providing clues to our celestial beginnings? Considering the Orion Nebula may be a nursery of stars, is it attainable the belt stars of Orion virtually mark the spot within the galaxy wherever all life on Earth began?

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